Thursday, 13 April 2017

A gift of stars from the children of New York City

 The children of New York City have sent us stars. Each star is painted on one side and a message is written on the opposite side. Made by school children of New York City for the children of La Loche to place around town at a place of their choosing. Photos by Raymond Dauvin

The star marked "Hope" has a message from; "Dunya...Love". The other has the message "Hope you can re-build what was damaged...Emilie." ----(Thank you Emilie)--

This one says; "Helo my name is Sasha. I'm from New York and I'm thinking of you!".--(Thank you Sasha)--

Sasha sent us this star with "Love". The message on the other side says; "Helo my name is Sasha. I'm from New York and I'm thinking of you!"

The message on this star says; "Marilyn in New York City. Wishing you a bright and warm future."

"Stars of Hope have been delivered to our community from New York. They are meant to be a symbol as a daily reminder that children in New York City care about the people of our community and that we are all in this together. They will be placed on fences, trees, and other public places to give our community a sense of HOPE each and every day. Students from Dene High and Ducharme Elementary will be placing them throughout our community this week. Please respect these wonderful gifts and leave them where they are placed ' .Link to La Loche Community School